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Date: 04.10.2010
From: helend

Subject: waves of tiredness

hi just woke up after one of those horrible waves of tiredeness hit me and i had to come home from work go to bed and have a sleep at 6 o clock at night.Does anyone have any tips how to deal with this when this happens i just feel so tired and sick.Thanks for listening to my moan.hope everybody has a good day sometime soon.
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Date: 05.10.2010
From: katknapp

Subject: Re: waves of tiredness

Hi i suffer this too,its like bouts you can be fine for days then you get these overwelming waves of tiredness and i also feel lightheaded and trembly with it,really dont know what it is and the only thing i find is to give in to it and sleep which isnt easy when you have to work,x
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Date: 05.10.2010
From: kylee

Subject: Re: waves of tiredness

hi i too suffer from this i can have a full nights sleep and wake up and feel i havent slept at all and often find myself haveing a afternoon nap how ever i have noticed that i feel like this when my wbc is low i always no when the hospital will ring regarding my blood tests as i no that when i feel physicaly and mentaly drainned i no my blood count has dropped very low
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