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Date: 20.09.2010
From: Paul Clayton

Subject: trying to concieve while on methotraxe

hi folks how are you all today?? im a 33 year old male and ive just been diagnosed with psyoratic atrhritis and ive just started taking methotraxate, my wife and i are planning to start a family but ive read on the web that you should never try for a baby while taking methatraxate as it could do harm, my specialist says dont quote him on it but he says the methotraxate shouldnt harm a baby. has anyone on here tried for and had a healthy baby while taking this drug?? please help
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Date: 20.09.2010
From: Kirstine

Subject: Re: trying to concieve while on methotraxe

It is definetly likely to harm the baby and shoukd be stopped for 3-6months before planning on getting pregnant/making someone pregnant. It prevents the cells deviding proppey aand causes horrible birth defects.
Make sure you get a second opinion and good luck
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Date: 27.10.2010
From: Chantelle Hirjee

Subject: Re: trying to concieve while on methotraxe

I was 7 weeks pregnant, and had an ectopic pregnancy in my ceasar scar; i was given methatraxate injections only once, was in june when i recieved injections. I have also had the depo needle which runs out mid november, when could i safely fall pregnant again as me and my partner desperately want another child
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Date: 31.10.2010
From: paul

Subject: Re: trying to concieve while on methotraxe

Hi Paul,

I too was on Methotrexate for RA and we wanted to start a family @ 36 years of age.

My Doctor advised i stop Methotrexate for a whole year before trying for a baby. Another Doctor said he has had patients who took MTX and had babys without any problems. Others say come off it for only 6 months... its all confusing.

I came off the drug for one year and tried for a kiddie but the MTX had damaged my sperm and it took another 3 years and IVF to finally get my wife pregnant. Only have 3 weeks to go till Henry is born :-)

Everything i have read says MTX can damage and kill the baby so i thought it best not too even try with this drug in my system.

To cope with the pain i just took painkillers and steriods.

I mentioned to my Doctor that they should ask people if they want children before being placed on these drugs so that we can have our sperm etc frozen just like people do with cancer.. she thought it a good idea.
This lets you start the drug and also means you dont need to stop taking it.. my joints became damaged whilst not taking it.

The only down side is that your partner has to go through hormone injections and other things which arent to pleasant.


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