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Date: 20.08.2010
From: suze

Subject: iv had my surgery

hi all sorry its been so long and its nice to see so many new members to. just to recap im 38 and have had RA for about 10 years but was finally diognosed last september. i have cronic pain and flare ups every were apart from my neck thank god lol. iv just had surgery on my foot which they were supposed to remove my sessamoid bones but after opening up my foot relisted that i had infact got a rhuematoid nodule the size of a 2p ball in my foot. now its been removed and im on the mend its still hard to walk but its getting easier every day xxx
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Date: 20.08.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: iv had my surgery

Hi suze glad to hear they have removed the problem, sorry but surgery makes me cringe... Its good to know you are on the mend, dont rush and take it easy. Hope the flare doesnt last to long good luck and you take care. x
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