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Date: 12.08.2010
From: Jae

Subject: lefluomide working so far

Thought I should drop a Quick note of slight hope am down to 1mg of prednisolone a day down from 10mg and down to 50mg of diclofenic per day down from 200mg haven`t had a roid jab since feb and they were monthly long slow process very tired slight shixs bit dizzy and nausea but generaly good not so stiff not had to take any extra pain relief slight hair loss but am over that seeing as i can use my hands and i`m still working and able to pick up my 15 month old with ease as this had been a problem not saying this is going to last am having bloods once a week white count all over the place i know it doesn`t work for everybody mxt made me very ill and touch wood this is helping eating healthy not drinking living x
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