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Date: 10.08.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Methtrexate Injections...

Hi Gang...update on my MTX injections....NO SIDE AFFECTS today at all!!!!took In jection last night, along with my Enbrel Injection,feel great...not like taking the tablets....and as I have Inflamed stomach Lining, changing over to syringes is the best thing ive done in ages!!! sicky feeling, or extra tiredness......MTX injections Is the way to go, iuf ya having tum probs
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Date: 10.08.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: Methtrexate Injections...

Hey Jill nice to hear from you, did you have a good holiday? Glad to hear about the injections, My rheummy nurse said they were tons better than the tablets. t.c. xx
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