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Date: 07.08.2010
From: Kirstine

Subject: FMS and RA

I went to the docs yesterday as im 8weeks over due an appointment with my rummy so the lovely doc i saw said she'd examine me and then write to the rummy saying i need seeing as ive not seen him since march.
Ive been having flare after flare and al the moment im getting pain in muscles all over my body and this pain is seperate to the joint pain and totally differant, and im getti g other sympto s too with arnt RA related. So i was examined throughly and she agrees wih me that there is more going on than just RA and she thinks it coukd be fibromyalgia!
Ive been wondering this for a while now as my auntie and a close friend have it and before the bloods showed RA its what the gp was thinking but it was forgotten about.
Does anyone know anyone or is someone who has both???
Thanks x
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Date: 07.08.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: FMS and RA

Yes Kirstine I do also have Osteo Arthritis too. The OA came first then the Fibro then the RA.
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