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Date: 31.07.2010
From: sharron

Subject: medicine

just saying hi im new finaly been told i have rhemitiod athritus its only taken 3yrs for them to decided there is somthing wronge cant say im happy but at least i know all the pain isnt in my head going to see the rhemitoligist next week to discus the treatment he is going to give me. cant wait finally or hopefuly some pain relief and the thought of not being constantly tierd is actualy helping me.but on the even brighter side have a great boss at work which is so understanding that she thinks its fun to make joke about it oh sorry cant bend down cos ive got athritus. well any way got to get ready for work such joy. anyone also suffer from raynaurds with this as i have that too.
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Date: 31.07.2010
From: Rose

Subject: Re: medicine

Hi Sharron and Welcome to the Forum. Glad to hear you are finally getting some help with your RA. You will feel lots better once you get some meds and they kick in. I have RA too and yes I have Raynards as well. It is sometimes the first thing you get with RA. I was treated for this for years before the Drs. decided to investigate further. You will find everyone here really helpful and friendly for whenever you need to chat or vent or need some advice. Great to have you on board and hope you can keep in touch. Go Well, Rose
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