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Date: 28.07.2010
From: Christine

Subject: new to the forum hand joint replacement

Hello new to the forum but not to arthritis!
had seronegative diagnosis several years ago following pregnancy. Although I have sometimes had remission for a couple of years ...this time I have had it about 7 years without a break! rheumatologist considering PA now. I am in line for hand surgery least 3 larger knuckles to be replaced...anyone got any advice..currently take sulfasalasine and diclofenac..with a view to changing to methotrexate when next seen.
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Date: 29.07.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: new to the forum hand joint replacement

Hi Christine. Sorry never had surgery - hoping someone can post who has been through it. Good Luck ;0)
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Re: new to the forum hand joint replacement

Hi Christine

Never had Knuckle replacement, so good luck with that.....Had Carpal tunnel ops, on both hands 24 years ago....but that pales into insignificant compared to what U need, so good luck with that....I have had plenty of corrective surgiers tho....shoulders, Hips, knees, spine, Stay strong, and Look forward to new Knuckles and NP more Pain xx
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