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Date: 28.07.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Occupational Therapist help .....

I was referred by the Rheumie nurse to the OT because my wirst was hurting. Really great because she has given me a high toilet seat [ good for the back and knees ] and a shower board [ don't have to stand in the shower now !!]. She's also gave me a wrist splint and finger splints. But the best thing I've got is a resting splint. It's absolutely fab. It keeps my wrist and fingers in a comfy position and I can even sleep with it on. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their joint/s pain to ask to be referred to one. Oh and she has changed my walking stick from an ordinary type to a 'FISCHER ' type one and the handle is fantastic it just moulds to your hand - not like the ordinary ones !! Just thought I would share this .........
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Occupational Therapist help .....

Hi KJ brill news for u....I think everyone shld try and get support from the OT, there is so many things they can offer us......thanks for your info....xx
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