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Date: 28.07.2010
From: Gfryer

Subject: New Here


Ive recently joined a forum for Thyroid issues so I figured Id join one for arthritis issues too as Im feeling like everything is getting too much for me at the moment so I need a bit of support from people who understand.

I was diagnosed osteoarthritis in 2006 and sent home with the advice to take some vitamin pills as Im too young for anything else. I was 26.
Im now 28 and I have a son who is 13 months old and I went back to work in March this year after my maternity leave ended.

I only work part time but looking after myself and my house and my husband and my son is alot and Im finding it hard to put me first. I need a break but the only way I can get one is by giving up work and I cant cos I need the money.

Aswell as arthritis I have an under active thyroid and polycystic ovaries so Im a bit of a mess health wise.

Im mainly here to get some advice as Ive been reading my result slip I got after my X Ray and Im not sure what part of it means so if anyone could offer advice I would really appreciate it.

It confirms I have mild early osteoarthritis in both hip joints with some butressing of the left femoral neck but I dont know what the second part means.

I hope someone can explain....

Thanks xx
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Re: New Here

I'd just like to welcome you to the forum. Unfortunately I can't help you with the x ray report but aswell as Arthritis among other things I have under active thyroid and PCOS. I hope someone can offer you the explanation you're seeking. Go well X
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: jill

Subject: Re: New Here

Gfryer Hi there, welcome

treid to google this for u, all a bit complcated for me to understand.....seesm to me, if Ive read Butresing correctly, that becos u have osteo in your hips, seems thar5 the femoral bit in the hips has some form of degeneration....however, dont quote me.....mb google it and c.....also your consultant should have explained this to u.....its unfair when they say all these things and dont explain correctly.....I would aslo ask your consultant, what they intend doing about your hips...Osteo is wear and tear, and very painful...there r meds that can help dampen down the degenration of the us know how u get on tc Jill
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