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Date: 28.07.2010
From: connor

Subject: Psoriatic Arthritis..No Such Thing..?

Hello All,

Sorry this post is rather long, but I'm sure you PA sufferers will find this interesting.

I live in Cyprus. I'm now 60 years old and have had Psoriasis on and off for about 36 years. 18 months ago I developed arthritis in both hands, lower spine and knees. My GP, who is also a general surgeon, diagnosed PA and referred me to a Rheumatologist. She has confirmed his diagnoses and has been treating me. She operates privately here in Cyprus and also acts as a consultant for the UK NHS so she is up to date with modern methods.

I have had to close my business here due to the PA, have been a self employed car mechanic and its got to the stage where I cannot use hand tools.

I applied to the Cyprus NHS for a disability pension. I was instructed to go for a medical with their Rheumatologist. This is how it went......

He spent a whole 5 minutes with me. I presented 6 medical reports from both UK and Cyprus doctors which detailed my Psoriasis, two of which detailed my PA. I also showed him recent X Rays.

He looked at the X Rays, read one report and ignored the other 5. He stated that there is no connection between Psoriasis and Arthritis. The pitting and ridges to my finger nails means nothing. I suffer quite badly from Pustulosis to my hands, linked to the Psosriasis apparently. He ignored that.

Result....Request for disability pension denied.

I reported back to my Rheumy who was as perplexed as I was. There is an appeals procedure here and she has advised me to follow that up immediately which of course I am doing.

My Rheumy knows of the government Rheumy who examined me. He is an elderly chap and was apparently the first Rheumy registered here. She intimated to me that his ideas are "Conservative, old fashioned."

So now it seems that I have to do battle with the actual Minister of labour here...I'm just hoping that she has half a brain..!

Fortunately I have the backing of my Rheumatologist who is currently the head of the Cyprus Anti Rheumatic Society so hopefully her report will carry some weight with the relevant authorities.

So there, all you PA sufferers will be pleased to note that PA does not exist according to the Cyprus governments Rheumatologist.
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Date: 28.07.2010
From: connor

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis..No Such Thing..?


Forgot to mention that the Government Rheumy, that esteemed member of the medical profession, stated that I was fit to continue working as a motor car mechanic. This clashes somewhat with my Rheumy's report which states.....

" Inflammatory arthritis associated with Psoriasis. Palmoplanter Pustulosis. Chronic lumbar spondylosis."

"Because of hand and left knee arthritis this person will not be able to practice his occupation or other manual work or other job that involves writing, standing, walking, kneeling."

Well you think it could be that they are trying to save money by not giving me a pension...? Methinks I'll have to sit awhile and ponder that one.
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Date: 28.07.2010
From: Kirstine

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis..No Such Thing..?

Im awfully sorry you are up against an idiot on this and what you are having to appeal. Im so gobsmacked that i giggled...purely at the blatent disregard for the professional medical reports you gave him, what a stupid man.
I really hope that all becomes sorted out and you are granted what you deserve :)... You must be so frusterated!
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Date: 28.07.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis..No Such Thing..?

Hi Connor, until something like this happens you just dont realise how many ill informed and ignorant people there are in this world. Good luck with the appeal, at least you have the help of your good doctor. take care.x
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Re: Psoriatic Arthritis..No Such Thing..?

Hi connor! Good to hear from you just a shame about the circumstances. What an awful situation you are in. Obviously us PA sufferers don't have a real illness NOT! The government certainly need to re think who they employ for the role that archaeic Dr holds. I hope your situation gets resolved soon. Keep us posted. Go well X
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