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Date: 27.07.2010
From: sandra lowe

Subject: and more medication

hi everyone just need a moan, went to doctors over my back was on steriods but not any different said i needed a M R I scan but are very expensive so if i wanted to go private it would be quicker, so been put on Tramadol, after reading side effects not keen at all, any one been on them and what are they like i know we are all different. thanks guys for listening.
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Date: 30.07.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Re: and more medication

hi Sandra....Your blidddy doctor had got a friggging cheeek suggesting that U go private for an MTI....they dont take that long these the past I use to wait 5 months, now its about 8 weeks....mb less.....Y shld U pay for your MRI....?

regards Tramodol,....been on them, worn the T shirt.....they r fine, initially, u will feel tired, mb sicky feeling.....if u need pain relief, take them....they have a place for pain, I now take Opiates, and they r far far no side affects on those, and no side affect whilst on trams.....dont suffer pain, sadly with our conditions, we cant just take parcetamol, which attacks the liver bad by the way.....we need stronget take them if I was u, they helped me sooo much years ago....x Tell your GP to refer u for an MRI, hes just saving cash!!! xx
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Date: 01.08.2010
From: sandra lowe

Subject: Re: and more medication

hi jill well thats probably for england but i live in ireland and have said in past its different here, i have got app to see rhumy on 12 august so going to mention it to him. but fed up with everything taking so long to get to the bottom of the problem
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