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Date: 23.07.2010
From: Brenda

Subject: I have seronegative rheumatoid arthritis

I been dealing with this for 4 yrs now.. I am so much pain with my left hand , the flare up, and and on my elbow , and shoulder, so i not doing well with this pain, .. I am feeling sorry for my self now, I hate hurting, like everyone does.. but its bad enough my feet jaoint are damage , and i have to deal with that pain also.. and as for my knee its not right and still hurts, had surgery , worked for 2 yrs but back again. I hate feel tired.

I am contacted social service, to help me with some thing in my shower.. 3 week waiting list.. just hope I dont fall..

its just got to be better now.. The rhummy tried all kinds of meds, and my body dont like.. so now I will be given this new drug,cimzia.. which i was looking foward to ,.. but my dad had RA and he was put in this drug, he had 5 treatments, and its effected his bone marrow, and its not good for him, he in the hospital, and he also has lupus, from other drug. something got to stop..
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