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Date: 12.04.2010
From: Mr. Enthrisac Sponge

Subject: Celadrin, cure or waste of money

After 18 months of taking expensive Celadrin supplements I realised I was suffering stil from shoulder ache and bunion toe bone joint ache which were new to me. I suddenly thought, hang on shouldn't the Celdrin be stopping this? I had originally taken it for back ache due to a prolapsed disk and joint ware and was convinced it was helping. I decided to stop the Celadrin to see how bad the back had deteriorated. Results:- After 3 months off Celdrin, no worsening of the back, in fact hardly any ache BUT my shoulder and toe bone aches completely gone. My theory is that Celadrin self perpetuates some aches to keep you taking it. I now feel it is a complete waste of time and money, I have now been off it for 5 months. Has anyone any similar stories?
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Date: 12.04.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: Celadrin, cure or waste of money

Thats very interesting. Ive never tried it!
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