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Date: 09.04.2010
From: Nadine

Subject: Rhummy app

Hi Guys,

Got my Rhummie app today and I am going in armed with my 7 pages of questions and stuff..... I am hoping that I will at least come away with some more info and possibly some treatment. Fingers crossed as I am feeling very frustrated with it all at the moment. I have a huge ulcer right in the middle of my lips which I get from time to time. GP says this could be the RA as alot of people get moyth ulcers. I wish it was in my mouth as it looks like another sibling growing out of my lip but at least its there when i have an app for once. As you can all tell I am feeling about as attractive a lamp post LOL.... Hopefully I will get somewhere today and I will update you later xx Thanks for the support guys. P.s no longer feel stupid getting stuck in the bath I just curse it when I walk past it now makes me feel better LOL
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Date: 09.04.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: Rhummy app

Hey Nadine! Good luck with ya appointment hun. Remember you have a right to know whats happening to you. I think sometimes they just can't be bothered going into detail.


P.S Ive seen some very attractive lamp posts lol
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