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Date: 16.03.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Tens macines

Do any of u guys use these and find them any good. I know of one person with Arthritis who swears by them but i'd like to get more than one persons opinion before I buy one. They have dual ones in Lloyds on offer at mo for 14.99
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Date: 16.03.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: Tens macines

Ive thought about giving one of these a go. Ive heard mixed reviews though. Interesting to see other ppls opinions : ) xx
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Date: 22.03.2010
From: monica

Subject: Re: Tens macines

Hi Abbie

Just read your post about tens machine. I have to be honest i tried one for about a month, on my back and shoulders, but it did nothing at all where the pain was concerned. I tried different time levels, different pulse levels,
But nothing. Can you ask your physio to lend you one to try first, this what i did, because it is a waste of money if it does nothing for you, but if you do feel benefit from it, good, it is worth buying one then.

Take care

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