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Date: 16.03.2010
From: monica

Subject: DLA tip 2

Hi All

Here is another i hope will help, sorry if they are a bit long.

Some people believe that there are certain magic words connected
to getting DLA.

The theory is to that there are certain key words and phrases that the
decision maker is looking for and that if you use these you will get an

Sadly it isnt true. The much duller reality is that its detailed, relevant
and persuasive evidence and plenty of it thats most likely to get
you an award of DLA. Using the four-step system described in our
guides can help you create precisely that sort of evidence.

However, whilst there arent any magic words, there are some material
numbers associated with DLA. These are the numbers created by
caselaw that help to decide what award of DLA you should get.

For example, the law says that you get the lower rate of the care
component if you would benefit from help with bodily functions like
washing, dressing, eating, moving around, etc ‘for a substantial
portion of the day. Case law has decide that a substantial portion is
about one hour.

So, when you fill in the pack, a very worthwhile thing to do is count up
the numbers in the daytime How long each time?’ boxes.
If the amount of help you need adds up to at least 60 minutes over
the course of the day, then you may be eligible for the lower rate care

At night, 20 minutes attention may result in an award of the middle rate
of the care component.
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