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Date: 18.07.2007
From: Karry

Subject: methotrexate

I have just been diagnosed with RA and my doctor has me DRINKING methotrexate (? spelling) this normal or will it rot out my stomach, most of what I have read it is supposed to be injected. Anyone with info will be appreciated.
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Date: 19.07.2007
From: lin

Subject: Re: methotrexate

Hi, Karry,

Methatrexate I assume comes in many forms,ie tablets, injections or liquid form. Has your doctor explained the side effects of taking this drug and that you will need regular blood tests. I had been on methatrexate for just over a year. Side effects really not nice and have just been taken off it completely as my liver was shutting down. Hopefully this will recover but I still have to have weekly blood tests to confirm this. How bad is your RA if moderate there are other alternatives that you can take safely.

Let me know how you get on.

Best of luck
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