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Date: 01.07.2007
From: Sinead

Subject: Hello - new here.

Hi everyone
I was diagnosed in January with pa having had pains everywhere since last August. They started in my shoulder then down to my leg back to my knee etc etc. Finally by Jan my leg swelled and I knew something was seriously up. At the same time I developed small patches of psoriasis on my leg. By March I was crawling out of bed. The hospital put me on Humira and MTX after giving me a couple of weeks to think about it (that is the approach in Ireland as Anti TNFs are covered by the government) I had no choice. It worked straight away but so too did the side effects. On each injection, the reaction got worse until on the 4th my leg blistered and swelled like nothing I have seen before. I decided there and then that I had to do something else. 2 months later my pains have nearly gone simply through radically changing my diet. I found a fab book by another Irish woman (Margaret Hills) and together with the book 'A PH miracle' and lots of information from the internet I have come up with a diet that has worked. I would urge anyone who has the patience to try it out. Some of the foods I thought I simply couldn't do without but now if I eat them they make me feel horrible! The recommendation is stay on any medication for a while and come off it slowly. I have cut my MTX to 2.5mg a week and completely stopped the Anti TNF's. My other motivation for drug free approach is due to wanting another baby. I am looking forward to chatting to you all and hearing all your stories
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Date: 18.07.2007
From: Chris

Subject: Re: Hello - new here.

Hi Sinead

I would be very interested to know what your diet consists of now, i have suffered with PA for a few years now and would try anything to be able to play with my kids again


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Date: 22.07.2007
From: Kish

Subject: Re: Hello - new here.

Hi Sinead

As Chris says could you give us info on your diet. thanks.
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